Tess - Black Labrador lead walking

Tess and Tina (Suffolk)

My lovely black Labrador Tess had a really awful start to her life, she had puppy cystitis for the first seven months of her life so could not be properly socialised, then at seven months she had an injection at the vets which cured this problem which we were so relieved about.  I thought she could start being a puppy again, then the worst thing happened to her, she jumped into the back of my car and broke her cruciate ligament very badly, to the extent we thought she might lose her leg. For another few months she was not allowed any freedom, and only 5 minutes on a lead at a time.

Fast forward 4 years and now I have a bad back so when we walk all she would do is pull and wanted to be in control. Then I found Jules who was gentle and calm with her, took it very slowly and now the difference in her is amazing.  We are still on-going as I think I have more to learn than my lovely girl but we will get there. Since Jules has been working with Tess, walking is now such a pleasant experience.

Success : Loose Lead Walking

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