Willow and Sandy (Suffolk)

Eighteen months ago we adopted a 5 year old border-collie cross bitch with an unknown history. She was happy, friendly, brilliant with children, and had obviously been well treated, and trained to some extent – but – she did have a few bad habits which Jules, recently, has been helping us to correct – teaching her – and us!

The biggest problem was her not coming back to us when called. We live in a very rural area with masses of places to walk off-lead, but she has a ‘terrier’ nose and once on the scent of something she became oblivious to voice or whistle. Being careful not to let her get out of sight and with lots of ‘click-and-collect’ training with Jules – a small reward, a click and lots of praise each time that she returned – we have seen a massive improvement, and only very rarely does she not come straight back when called.

Success over one problem has had a knock-on effect and is fast curing another. Prone to jumping up in excitement at visitors, she has quickly grasped the idea that sitting down to greet them is very likely to bring a ‘good dog’ and a treat! Jules, of course is by far her favourite visitor!

A very grateful Sandy, Suffolk.

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